Laura Hey, girls! It’s Laura! As most of you know, I was an intern at Discovery Girls last summer, and I had the amazing opportunity of helping to create the Fab Girls Guides! The books are all ready for you to read now, and I’m so excited that you’ll finally get to see what we were working on all summer.
Tip #1 Hi, girls! It’s Gloria again! I hope you’ve had a chance to check out the February/March issue! I had such a blast working on it with the DG staff! One of my jobs as a DG intern is to read all of your questionnaires, and I’ve read hundreds. I even helped choose the Nevada Discovery Girls! What do we look for in the DG questionnaires, and how can you make yours stand out? Read on, because I have tips!
Gloria Hi, girls! My name is Gloria and I'm the new intern here at Discovery Girls! After reading Lyn and Laura’s blogs this summer, you probably have a sense of what being a DG intern is all about. But there are a few things I've been doing that may surprise you! Check it out…
Lyn Well, summer is officially over, the other interns are gone, and soon it will be time for me to head off to my first year of college! Before I depart, though, I thought I'd leave you with something serious and fun: a list of what I’ve learned at DG this summer!
Fashion...gotta love it!I can't believe it! My internship at DG is almost over! Like you, I'll be heading back to school soon. I'll be a senior in high school which is definitely exciting, but not nearly as exciting as my summer here at DG has been! One of the best parts about my internship? Getting to learn so much about you! From reading your letters, comments on, and your stellar questionnaires, I feel like I know all of you so well! So what better way to say goodbye than with a "Top 6" list of the things I've learned about you this summer:


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