Gymnastics is the best way to build self-confidence at pride too. It involves muscle and when you land that jump you smile so hard! You get to work with your best friends on the team and travel to state to state.
If you love to save the world please be my friend I give good advice for anything If you love anything else i will still br your friend like i said i have good advice i am trustworthy and i love talkind so become my friend cause we could have so much fun!!!!! : ^ )
Hey Girls! I have a goal to accomplish. It is to have at least 50 friends on Discovery Girls! If you want to help, go on to my page, check out my interests, and see if you want to be friends! Thanks for helping! --SoccerGrl
If you know what to do around here leave a note or comment cause i have no clue???????? I know how to do like blogs and stuff but i dont know how to do everything else and like check and see if you have comments or to check friends??????
Yoyoyiggidyyo its Sheddiess!


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