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1. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why? If I could travel anywhere in the world it would have to be Haiti. I heard so much about all of the destruction there and think I could be a help in the orphanages. If my dream to become a doctor comes true I would love to help those who need medical assistance there. 2. How does it feel to be called a role model? Being called a role model is an honor and makes me feel special and recognized for some of the things I have done. However, I also feel that I am fortunate to be surrounded by role models, including my family, friends, and the other discovery girl finalists! 3. How can you work towards social justice in your lifetime? I feel I can best can work towards social justice by demonstrating Christ-like actions; by respecting, giving, and showing compassion to everyone whether they have economic, religious, cultural, or ethnic differences. One day if I am able to make some money from my stories, I will use most of the money to help others less fortunate. When I become a doctor and get my pilots license I would like to fly to areas of the world where emergency medical care is needed, especially care for children. For now, I will continue to help others through service whenever possible.
  1. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Did you girls know that the DG website is a magazine too!!! It's awesome! Imagine having Discovery Girls and all its awesomeness mailed to your front door!!!! So schweeeeettt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, there's a ton of stuff in the mag that you can't find online--anywhere!
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