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Hey, girls! It's Julia here. You've probably noticed that DG made a special Collector's Edition, the Girls' Survival Guide 2007. But did you know that it comes with two gifts, and one is a cute pink mini-book called the Style Guide? The Style Guide is 32 pages of fashion tips, cool outfit ideas, and fun hairstyles. I had a blast putting it together for you! Boho BeatMy favorite section is "Mix 'n Match." We take basic pieces, like jeans and a plain tee, and show you how to make totally different outfits by adding some standout accessories. My favorite "Mix 'n Match" look is "Boho Beat" (page 14) because I love the idea of layering a dress over jeans. So cute! I'm also loving the hair tips in "Five Days of Styles." We show you super simple and totally cute ways to rock your hair type. Sometimes all it takes is a little clip or a pretty headband to make a bad hair day into a fab hair day! If you have the Style Guide already, tell me…what's your favorite "Mix 'n Match" look? And what hairstyles have you tried? Oh, yeah--and did the Style Guide inspire you to create some looks of your own? I'd love to know! XOXO! Julia!


I LOVED the stye guide!! It gave me sooooo many new ideas! first of all I just got my hair cut short.. and I had no idea what to do with it... but now, thanks to the style guide I have great looks for my new hair! Thanks! Also I have this dress that I got a year ago which is now to short, so now I`m wearing it over jeans, It looks awesome! Thanks DG! Claire 11, Canada

kool! a dress and jeans always look awesome no matter where u are if ur at the basketball court or the mall! -valerie

ya, jeans and a cute dress is a must! i haven't worn a dress since like second grade! (i'm going into 7th this year)\ my mom would also ask me why i am wearing that cuz she's not the style kind of person....... lol jk

i luv the look. it looks sooooooo cute! i haven't worn a dress since 2nd grade also! lol! i also haven't ordered the dg guide yet, but i'm soooo gonna!!!

My mom is going to order the Discovery Girls Guide for me today. OoOhhhhh! I can't wait!!!!!

Me three!!

I looooooooove the style guide. It's awesome. Now I know different hairsyles and clothes I never even saw! You Girls Are the Best! Now my hair can look better and so can I! Thank you sooooo much for the style guide. Brittany 10, USA

i think its an awesome idea!!!!!! It would be really cool if this little book would help me an idea of what to wear to school. And I love trying new hairstyles so this book is perfect for me!!!!! if i get the chance i'll totally get it!!!!!!!!11

Im in middle school so being in style is always a big topic, and I love putting leggings like the ones on the cover under all of my short skirts.

Thank you SO much for that style booklet! I just got my first magazine yesterday and I already subscribed! I love it so much and the style guide gave me so many wonderful tips, I will be so prepared for grade 7 this fall!!! I was so nervous about how to dress and look and what is trendy and what's not. I am even using one of the "5 Days Of Styles" on my hair for the first week of school! And pretty much all of the outfits! Especially "Casual Cool" I am even getting a new hair cut because it says one of the best styles for me and I think it looks pretty neat, so I am going to try it out! Thank You So Much DG!!!! Emma 12, Canada

The guide I got when it came out.. and it is the perfectest thing EVER!!! I love the style guide...totally awesome!! ~DGRox

I'M THE GIRL IN BOHO BEAT!!! It is fun to be a model! i want to thank all the people who complimented me !! and Julia for putting me in her blog, and Ashely for being there too! thanks a bunch! and i CAN'T WAIT to see the next issue! thanks again peace and love BREANNA-the girl in BOHO BEAT and current DG model LATER

You are just too lucky! I really wish I could be a model... but I also am really into sports and my parent s don't really like watching dance of modeling. I think it looks like a lot of fun, though. You look great in that outfit, though. .:rock on!!!:.

The style guide was ah-dorable. It made me cut me hair shorter with longer bangs(ah-dorable!) It also made me start shopping at new places. I used to shop at Limited Too, and now I hardly shop there at all(Okay, ya caught me, but thoses plaid flats were TOO cute.) I just did read in Teen Vogue that layering a dress over jeans was out though =(

I begged my mom to get the survival guide 07 so she finaly bought it for me. the style guide is awesome. My favrite section is the one that helps you with hairstyles! DG is da bomb Viktoria , age 12, BC, Canada

Hey how ya'll doin'? I have a qustion, do any of you know of any great, reasonable priced stores for either plus sized girls or tweens? Thanks I love ya'll!

yah i just got like 5 inches cut off my hair and i had no clue what top do with it

I Totally agree!!! The style guide was awesome:) I loved all the fashions in it. I really liked the 5 days of style. I've tried everyone that I possibly could and they all looked awesome. Thanks DG! I love your magazine!:) Monica

I absolutly love the style guide i wish they could come out with ones for winter too! That would be Awosome!!!

The styles are AWESOME!! I love them!! Thanks soo much!! And keep putting styles together because you are a true trend setter! My wardrobe is huge now with all these new clothes!!

The boho beat inspired me to make my own layerd outfit. Instead of a dress, i wore this knee lenght flowerd skirt and jean capris under it! I cant wear it right now, but maybe in october i could. Cant w8t!

I love Preppy Perfect. I like to wear cute comfy outfits like leggings with skirts over top of them, or a cute cropped jacket with a tank top and some pattern shoes. Felica did a GREAT job modeling Preppy Perfcet! <3 A Fan

I luv Preppy perfect like leggings , and long shirts with it, tank tops, Girly sandals. And jean jackets. I luv girly and preppy clothes

I love the girl on the very last page (Page 30,31) Her hair type is medium-lenght Straight hair. I love her hair styles. You picked a really GREAT model to be in the Hair Styles part of the Style Guide! She is so pretty and really deserves to be in the style guide.

That girl is Katie, a Kentucky Discovery Girl. I like her too.

Well we wear uniforms at my school but i can still try kool hairstyles. --Emy

I am just like emy from july 21st, i have to where uniform too and i think it would be cool if dg talked about that, how not all girls get to buy the latest and greastest for back to school! so please dg cut us uniformers some slack!!!

At my new middle school we have a REALLY strict dress code: collared shirts, sweaters with no hoods,& only pants or skirts that go to your knees(khaki, navy blue, or black colors only) NO JEANS or sweats, only corduroy and cotton knit. Oh and we have to tuck in our shirts and wear belts! It would really help if in some edition in DG Girls they gave girls tips on how they can accessorize for girls with uniforms or really strict dress codes. or at least give us tips? IT WOULD REALLY HELP ME AND MY FRIENDS!!!!!!

Hi its Emy again. Even tho i have 2 wear uniforms i still love my school and wouldnt change it 4 the world. and like i said u can always try kool hairstyles and stuff. --Emy

I know what you and Emy are talking about! I wear uniforms,too.DG should put in an article about how to make private school uniforms cute with hair and pretty mary janes.(sigh)but I love my school,so I geuss it all trades out in the end. --maddy

us too. so to style it up i wear cute chothes from aeropostale. if you can get clothing from there get it from old navy they have cute clothing. for hair styles where head bands with polka dots or strips all ways cute. well good luck. ~alana~

I TOTALLY LOVE THE STYLE GUIDE! It helped me find hair styles for my hair. it is short so it is pretty hard

:) i totally agree my hair is short 2! and it helped alot

I love Preppy Perfect becuse on Double Take I love leggings and skirts it is so pretty. I also like the other Preppy perfect because I got tons of skirt and I also love flats. Another thing I liked is casual cool becuse I love to wear layers and I think the belt around the shirt is cool. I just love it!

My favorite store is Abercrombie for kids. I know people think its realy expensive but if you go to the sales racks you get realy cute preppy cheap outfits. -Alli ,11, Arizona

Abercrombie is a great store! If you go onto and go into the clearence section, you can find totally cute items for a reasonable cost !! -Hayley (-:

I think some of Abercrombie's clothes are a little overpriced, but the sales rack is always where I head to first!! I think the style guide is AMAZING! You guys really out-did yourselves. Since I'm going into middle school, I'm really looking for more cute ideas... Well, I FOUND EM! lol. Thanks so much DG. You guys should be so proud of yourselves. Thanks again! <3 <3 <3 A Fan 4eva!! P.S. The magazine is definettly my fave!

I agree with you but i only have seen my friends where clothes from ambercrombie and i think they are super cute! hope that some day i will go there with friends.But i doubt i will ever be able to. -Amelia

thanks so much julia i really loved the style guide because i always thought that i had great outfits but they were always so uncomfortable and i wanted a change but i didn't know what to do so the guide inspired me so much i'm thinking of copying the outfits completley!!

i just love love love the new survival guide it has so much info on diffrent girl stuff. i have tried all of the hair styles and they rock. thanks so much for making it taylor

I totally agree! I just got the survival guide and it rocks!!!!!! my BFF and I did all the hair styles together and took the quizzes. we looooove the guide!!! You guys rock at DG! Miranda

I LOVE THAT OUTFIT!!!!!!!! It is soooo cute i even tryed it. it was cute. It went great w/ my new hairstyle colie<3 13

hi julia I think that the style guide is great. I think that I am going to try the styles when i get beck to school. I also LOVED the hairstyles and it was awesome that you showed us how to do it!! I just wanted to say thanks.

hi jasmine here hey i am new here and i ttly agree with ya lik we need a little help with style somtimes right and lik i also loved the hairstyles cute

I absolutely loved the style guide! I already have a good sense in fashion but after reading that now I can add more cute stuff to my wardrobe! THANKS DG!

I am a little confused because Julia said that the Survival Guide came with two gifts and I know the style guide is one, but what is the other? Please let me know! A Huge Discovery Girls Fan

i want the STYLE GUIDE!!!!!!! everyone's talking about how great it is, and i'm jealous, lol. can you still order it? -shannon, age 13, Ont

wow I was so waiting for cool tips for my friends and I we all loved it even my mom!u r right the boho beat is so cool and everything gave me Ideas!like I thought that it would be nice for dancers for them to come from school straite to dance lessons by puting your leotard under your jeans and wearing a sweater over your top and if u wear a tutu that u can take off put your tutu in your backpacks!like it?


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