Hey girls! In our August/September issue, we asked, “Are You an Optimist or a Pessimist?” We wanted to know if you like looking on the bright side—or if you always expect the worst!

So did you take our optimist or pessimist quiz? Are you an optimist or a pessimist…or are you a realist—smack dab in the middle? What do you think are the good and bad parts of optimism or pessimism?

Hey girls! We have such exciting news, and we wanted you to be the first to know: we won the Mom’s Choice Gold Award for our Discovery Girls Guide to Growing Up...Everything You Need to Know About Your Changing Body!

How did you find out about the Summit? Why did you apply?

I found out about the Summit while reading my Discovery Girls magazine. When I saw the information about the Summit, I knew I just had to apply. I have wanted to be a Discovery Girl since I started reading the magazine a few years ago!

How did you find out about the Summit? Why did you apply?

I was on the Discovery Girls website and I saw the application on the news feed. I thought it was worth a chance. I applied because I want to be a writer and love the magazine. I thought a questionnaire would be a fun way to work on my writing and maybe even be chosen.

Can you believe it’s already September? Most of you have probably already started your new school year—and if you went back to school, I’m sure you looked awesome in your first day outfit!

How did you find out about the Summit? Why did you apply?

I have a subscription to DG magazine and remember I read about the chance to apply and thought it would be fun to enter. I have never won any contests before but I thought I had some good ideas for DG and wanted to share them.


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