How can I know if my crush likes me back?

Dear Ali,

I like this boy at my school. He makes me laugh and he's really cute, but I don't know if he likes me back. What should I do to find out?
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It's really cool that this guy makes you laugh! There are usually hints when someone really likes you. He might pay more attention to his appearance, or find little ways to be around you, or…well, you get the picture. You could try asking around—maybe someone else has noticed something. Or you could even just ask him (I almost always believe in the direct approach). But if you do, be prepared for disappointment—just in case.


How would YOU try to find out if your crush likes you back?


this is soo helpful

The old Carribean...  Cute boys everywhere! I am in 3rd grade and my crush is in 6th. I am not sure if he likes me back, but, my mom thinks he likes me too because, he says something weird to me (happens every day), I turn pale then chase him. My mom thinks he likes when I chase him. EVERYBODY says i'm a cute girl... :) He has "long" mixture of brown and blond hair. I am good friends with his sister in 4th. He knows me well, but not enough to know i like him...

It sound like he likes you.

yeah i know he toatally likes me now sooooo helpful  

He is always flattening his hair around me!

also if he laughs at you sometimes desperate and SO not funny jokes or tries REALLY hard to make you laugh its another sign.

I would just ask him if he likes you or even have one of your BFFs do it

i think i would have a friend do it.

Had me and him be going to the same school i would totally use this advice lay it all on the bff to find it out!!! Unfortuantly i met him at a class that was only a week and have been conttacteing him only on Instagram and Emails.. Even more he goes to a school who i dont know anyone and i dont know any of his friends (except i might know his cousin...) i also moved to another province so that doesnt help either!.. I also have a lack of subtlty so if i ask him myself if he like me  (i havent) i just know ill mess it up. 

If he looks at me a lot and is nice to me and includes me in stuff, normally I think he likes me.

Thanks 4 the advice. I'll make sure to use it! ~tweencupcake

I was in the same place as you!!! I had one of my friends ask him - he said yes!! then i asked him- just to hear it for myself!! OMG i love him now!!!

that AWESOME you got your guy!!!

Hey i really got a HUGE I MEAN GINORMOUS crush on my friend hes a guy but im in 6th and hes in 8th grade hes supposed to be in the 7th grade but hes a year ahead of himself do you think its fine for me and him to date i mean hes my REALLY good friend  I and a couple of my friend think that he likes me back!! Should I tell him? Anyone please respond I would really appreciate it!

I just asked his friends...they totally caved under the pressure!

Shy=like Confident=unlike

Boys for me are really difficult. I usually just ask friends or friend to ask him or his buddies at the right time or else it might seem weird at first.

then again worry about your studies ,then think about what you should do on your free time

Soo helpful! Thank you for sharing!

you can also tell if he compliments you, asks your friends about you, and looks at you alot.:)

I was outside in the rain with my BF & after we held hands he finally said he is smitten with me <3 Best day ever❤

I like a boy but I don't know if he likes me back. He asked me if I like him, but I'm too afraid to tell him even though he knows because there's a rumor going around. What should I do?
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